‘Zero Hour’ is a military term, and it refers to a specific time in operations when focused and professional action is required. It is the point when all efforts are focused on a goal of critical importance.

Zero Hour Strategy is a highly specialized consultancy that focuses on crisis communications, reputation risk, issues management and media interview preparation. We work closely with our clients to prepare for, respond to, and recover from incidents that can adversely affect an organization’s reputation or legitimacy. We understand C-Suites and Boardrooms and specialize in the provision of timely and strategic executive counsel.

Zero Hour Strategy is actively dedicated to advancing the study and practice of leading crisis and reputation management approaches. We draw on the strengths of associate consultants from the highest circles of business and government, and amplify our value by partnering with trusted experts in public affairs, emergency response, digital communications and law. At Zero Hour Strategy we are committed to progressive thought leadership in the field of critical communications and to the delivery of relevant, ethical and respected communications.